Media Services

We connect you with talented photographers and videographers that can match your needs and talent. We work with our partner Tapsnapp to bring you the talent. You can book your desired photographer directly or sign up to get access to our specials and management profiles so you can manage multiple shoots that fit your schedule.


Vimage Media is a professional media company that provides branding services that allows you to build the image in the right way to target viable audiences.  We have dealt with wide areas of events and functions for the last 4 years. We are placed uniquely in the industry because we provide wide services as a team from photography, videography and brand consulting. This allows us to create visually appealing content using specialized equipment, lighting and editing.

We provide professional and reliable coverage of your corporate events, trade shows, annual parties, as well as services to visually spruce up the marketing strategy. We know that your marketing strategy is essential to you to sell your business, that’s why we always strive to deliver the highest degree of professionalism.

Our skills range from photography, videography, illustrations and design. Using such expertise, we can bring a unique look end-to-end feel to your marketing needs. Be it external or internal, we have the experience and tools to build your image.


Shoprite – Charity Photography

Marketing for Shoprite on their charity drive. Shoprite provides essential products to organizations and we were tasked to capture the images of the people who were using their donations.


Facebook Competitions to Engage Customers

We run competitions to increase brand awareness and customer engagements which are a great way to penetrate your products/services more effectively. Current competition is the Baby of Vimage competition for parents with babies as well as products and services to suit this target market. Please see our Facebook page on how it works and engages users:


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