About Us

What matters to you most? Your image? The way you look? The way you feel? What matters to us is how people see you and yourself through the lens. Any lens. A good image may be superficial but it does matter to many and it sure helps. We are passionate about photography, the film media and your branding. Quality with a sense of value. If you value it, we value it.

It all started with a point and shoot camera 10 years ago, taking pictures after pictures, eventually becoming more serious as the days went by. Vimage Media officially started in 2009 with its roots in Johannesburg.  As time went on, the services expanded into video work, DVD production and corporate services. Corporate services became an exciting addition to the portfolio that included creating training videos for large multi-national corporations as well as consulting to ensure the brand corresponded to the desired corporate image. Thus began the focus for Vimage Media into brand consulting. This also introduced an interesting dilemma. How does a company that provides artistic wedding services also provide professional corporate services? Quite simple really – just combine the two and a unique value proposition is born. Whose better to provide artistic weddings with a team-based professional approach? And whose better to provide professional corporate branding services than the ones who’ve experienced personal shoots with artistic touches?


Vije Vijendranath

Managing Director and Head of Operations

He’s a startup-minded consultant in the telecommunications and digital media industry with a background in Computer Engineering. He helps companies design user centric products and services that are relevant for consumers. Strategy development in improving sales, brand penetration and designing processes to improve user experiences. He also helps build business models to manage and improve revenue through analytics and business intelligence.

He’s a professional photographer with over 10 years of experience. Never formally studied the subject, simply picked up the camera and started shooting. Passion and experience has been his education. With an eye for quality and detail, he takes pictures with emotions in mind and to those who love meaning behind them will notice. With this framework, he has brought in a new methodology of media work with his motto: “visual imagery sets the eventual perception to the world”.

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 Shaney Vijendranath

Director of Marketing and Head Publisher

Her background is in brand marketing and promotions. With over 5 years of experience in the industry, she brings vital talent that will help clients accelerate their presence in the media, especially, social media. She has an uncanny ability to network fast, delivering intelligence to brands when it matters. She is also the head blogger of You, Baby & I where she shares stories of being a mom and engages with moms throughout South Africa. She also heads up the marketing and communications with brands that work with moms in South Africa through You, Baby & I.